Network Exchange - CEN TC 278 WG9.

NeTEx Schema Downloads

This page provides information about recent and upcoming versions of NeTEx schemas & documents under development. Some of which may be downloaded in the formats shown.

To use the NeTEx schema, you may either reference the URL for the appropriate version, or use a local copy held on your own machine, which you can download from this site.

NOTE THAT THIS IS a Irish SPECIFIC DEVELOPMENT SITE with historic and work in progress versions for preferred use with Irish data.

The CEN mainstream releases of NeTEx are now to be found at GitHub: downloads below are taken from there).  Those familiar with GitHub can use it to access the latest fixes and new features being contributed (and to make their own contributions).

The CEN Github repository normally keeps several branches active:

  • A stable main release branch with the schema corresponding to the published CEN Standard of a specified version.
  • A minor release branch of cumulative fixes and small corrections but no significant functional  changes. This site will provide an update from time to time for any changes useful for the UK..
  • One or more development branches with new features being trialled.

Note that GitHub also contains other useful tools such as language bindings (e.g.CircleCI for Java is available) and there is a lot of activity to develop further tools.


 NeTEx uses a modular package structure, with a separate sub-schema for each main functional area.    For convenience, two main schema packages are provided but you may use individual packages.

  • NeTEx_publication.xsd

Request/response: NetEx wrapped as SIRI request.

  • NeTEx_siri.xsd

Within a delivery, data making a coherent version should be grouped in frames.

There are  an XML SPy (netex.spp)  and OXYGen projects (netex.xpr) available.

Downloadable versions of NeTEx XML Schema  & Documents

Schema Version


Date of issue

URL to reference Schema

Download ZIP of Schema


Technical Contact



Zip of Irish data examples only


& Part2
& Part 3


NeTEx_publication.xsd v1.11

NeTEx_siri.xsd v1.11

Zip of Schema and examples (7MB) (

Schema only (1.1MB) (