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NeTEx is a CEN Technical Standard (CEN/TS 16614) for exchanging Public Transport schedules, fares and related passenger information data.  It describes an XML schema based on the CEN Transmodel reference model.

Under the Intelligent Transport directive of the European Commission, European member states are required to make their stop and timetable data openly available in standard  formats.

The Irish NeTEx profile specifies how to.render Irish Public Transport data as NeTEx XML.
  • The Irish NeTEx profile v1.0 specification is available here.

This is a development site to assist in the use of the NeTEx format for Irish data, developed under an EC project.

About NeTEx

NeTEx is intended to provide a European wide standard for exchanging Public Transport data for Passenger Information;

  • NeTEx is a general purpose format capable of exchanging timetables and fares for Rail, Bus, Coach, Ferry, Air or any other mode of public transport. It includes full support for rail services and can be used to exchange UIC (International Union Of Railways) data

  • NeTEx is based on the CEN Transmodel standard which specifies a Conceptual model for Public Transport data.

    NeTEx uses a fully articulated model that represents PT concepts as well characterised, layered abstractions; the format is designed for the efficient, updateable exchange of complex transport data between distributed systems. This allows the data to be used in modern web services architectures and to support a wide range of passenger information and operational applications.

  • The NeTEx schema is free to use and its development is managed by the CEN standards process.

The NeTEx can be used to exchange data with neigbouring countries for cross border exchange